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ASB ~ Associated Student Body

ASB ~ Associated Student Body

Students who have been selected to join our Leadership Program (either as an elected position or a member of the Leadership Team) have the opportunity to develop their effectiveness as a leader through participating in activities designed to enhance a student’s communication skills, managerial skills, human relations skills, and overall self-awareness. Students will participate in committees where they will be instrumental in planning school-related activities such as spirit events, fundraising, dances, and school beautification. Students also complete service learning hours for the school and the community.

Please see activities director for an application.

Application Deadlines
Current students: February
Incoming 7th grade students received applications from their teachers during 6th grade visits to our campus. 

Application Process
Applications must be completed and submitted by the deadline in order to be considered. Those applications will be screened and interviews will be granted to students who meet the requirements. The Leadership Adviser will call students to schedule an interview. 


Activities Director
Graciela Sigala