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College and Career Preparation

Start Planning For College

Start Planning For College

College-bound students should strive to maintain a 3.0 or higher at Harden Middle School, get involved in a club, program or extra-curricular activity or sport, and begin community service projects. College-bound students always seek support when they find they are struggling. Be sure to go to the homework center or attend a teacher's tutorial when needed. In addition, families are encouraged to attend events in and beyond the boundaries of our community to enrich their child's education.

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Current High School Requirements for UC Campuses:

A. History/ Social Science 2 years 
B. English 4 years 
C. Math 3 years 
D. Lab Science 2 years 
E. Foreign Language 2 year 
F. College Prep Electives 1 year 
G. Visual or Performing Arts 1 year
You must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 for in state student and 3.4 for out of state students.
You must also take the SAT or ACT tests. Please read website for instructions and registration information.

California High School Requirements for CSU Campuses:

A. English 4 years 
B. Math 3 years (beginning with Algebra/Math 1) 
C. US History/Government 2 year 
D. Lab Science 2 year 
E. Foreign Language 2 years 
F. Visual/ Performing Arts 1 year 
G. College Prep Elective 1 years
Last Modified on July 11, 2022